Истории, рассказы, повести, стихи, поэмы, анекдоты, пьесы о диабете или просто написанные людьми с диабетом 1 типа. Сюда вы можете присылать свои истории и произведения - под своим именем или анонимно, с иллюстрациями и фотографиями или без них. Как профессиональный литератор и редактор один из создателей сайта (В.Ш.) оставляет за собой право слегка редактировать литературные произведения , предварительно заручившись вашим согласием. Может пригодится перекройка и ремонт шуб в меховом ателье и продажа меховых изделий, поставка вакуумных насосов сухого хода вакуумная техника Буш, нанесение промышленных наливных полов. Всё о полах, насосах и меховом ателье.

Итак история первая (немецкая, но на английском)



     She's different: she doesn't look like anyone else I've been acquainted living here in Germany. She is highly educated and speaks "high Deutch". She feels every sing of beauty in the world and in the other people and is attentive and gentle herself - so I call her "my angel"…
     Frau Bletner has mated her 90-nth birthday last December. I bring her fresh papers to read and discuss about everything, that takes place on the planet: in Germany and Canada, in her native Nurenberg and unknown Moscow, where I have come from. Being very subtle, frau Bletner is very strong human. She never gives up herself and always tries to help other people.
  Her diabetes type 2 is 30 years old. She educated to care about herself long ago, when there wasn't anything like "diabetic's school" or meters. Frau Bletner was active - she traveled by foot and bicycle all over the Germany with her friend - and followed her personal diet. She had 8 adult children already.
Eight children - it sounds unbelievable! It is not easy anywhere in the world and it really wasn't easy in Germany 60 years ago, when the woman was obliged to follow traditional routine of "three "K"": kindern, kuhen, kirhe. Beloved husband of frau Bletner has leaved this world being young, and she cared about her children alone. But she wasn't housekeeper only - she educated? her English and French were excellent, and she has become a teacher at school.
     Her children could be the whole football team now! Some of them are mothers and fathers themselves, some of them live in Germany, some far away from it. But they are always near their mom every moment they can.
     If you ask frau Bletner how to live long and interesting life with diabetes, she would probably advise you to be kind to all people and feel pleasure of every day you live.
We congratulate frau Bletner with her birthday, wish her many years of joy and invite her to be our guest in Russia!
     Lina Kharebova, Nurenberg - Moscow.

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